Exterior Lighting Design: Landscape Lighting Tips

May 26th, 2016

Provide Security and Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal with LED Landscape Lighting.

You’ve put in pathways, planted flowers, shrubs, and trees. Still, something’s missing. When the sun goes down, it all disappears into the darkness. Nothing puts the finishing touch on beautiful landscaping like perfectly designed exterior lighting.

Not only does landscape lighting enhance the beauty of your property, it also provides safety and security to your outdoor living areas. Different types of lighting fixtures such as path lights, uplights, and hardscape lights can be used to illuminate gardens, pathways, trees, fountains, and other outdoor features.

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

  1. Map out your property. Seeing the layout of your property on paper will allow you to determine which areas need lighting. Be sure to include all porches & patios, gardens, pathways, pools, ponds, etc. Take your map outside at night and mark down the dark areas you’d like to focus on.
  2. Determine purpose for lighting. The best lighting design for your property can best be determined by whether you want to add security, create a certain atmosphere, or highlight certain features. It’s important to keep this in mind when deciding what type of fixtures, color temperature, and spacing to use in each area. Remember, it is possible to add security while creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Determine lighting placement. Think about what features you want to highlight and use your map to ensure lighting is balanced properly. It’s best to add subtle lighting evenly throughout your property rather than focusing all attention on one area as doing so can create unsafe dark areas.
  4. Determine types of lighting fixtures. Once you’ve decided on the purpose and placement of your lights, it’s time to choose your fixtures. Use the list below to decide which fixtures are right for you.

Remember, it is possible to add security while creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.”

Types of Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Path Lights

Path Lights: Path lights are used to brighten garden paths and walkways. Unlike many other lighting fixtures, path lights are out in the open making them part of the landscape design. There are a variety of styles of path lights available to fit your decor.


Spotlights: Different types of spotlights, including uplights and bullet lights, can be used for many different lighting techniques such as shadowing, highlighting, down lighting, or accenting. Spotlights are perfect for illuminating focal points such as fountains, trees, or architectural features.


Under rail lighting on deck

Deck Lights: Lighting fixtures including post lights, bullet lights, and under rail lights can be used to improve visibility and enhance the beauty of your deck.


Hardscape lights on masonry wall

Hardscape Lights: Hardscape lighting can be used to showcase columns, pillars, and masonry walls enhancing the beauty of your outdoor structures.


Outdoor stair lighting on deck

Stair Lights: Stair lights can be used to brighten up stairways on decks, patios, or walkways providing safety and giving them an inviting appearance.


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