Fine Cabinetry Combines with High-quality LED Lighting for Customized Lighting Solutions at Beahm & Son Ltd in Evans City, Pa.

September 24th, 2014

Sbeahm-with-lightingpanning more than 40 years and three generations, Beahm & Son Ltd. has specialized in the fine woodworking of kitchens and residential interiors found throughout the greater Pittsburgh, Pa. area and surrounding states and communities. Launched in 1972 by Don Beahm, a master craftsman working for a cabinet manufacturer for 22 years, Don passed not only his expertise, but also his passion for superior workmanship to his son Rick in 1980, who today shares the helm and responsibilities of the family business with his three sons at their Evans City, Pa. facility.

“We are now and always have been, dedicated to producing the highest-quality product in custom cabinetry,” says Rick. “Although our interests may lie in different areas, we are driven by the pursuit of perfection and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. We’ve never marketed ourselves. Our business has always been driven by client word-of-mouth and referrals. That said, even during the height of the recession, business has never been lacking.”

The custom remodeling process at Beahm & Son normally begins with a customer vision and proceeds with CAD renderings designed to visualize the completed space within a specified budget. Ranging from cabinetry to the building of butcher blocks, suit rooms and custom storage solutions for anything from log cabins to 14,000 sq. ft. luxury mansions, virtually all of the company’s craftsmanship is performed at Beahm & Son’s 24,000 sq. ft. showroom and workshop. This is offered in combination with a complete suite of flooring, plumbing, electrical, tiling and granite work services.

“Every job is very personal to us,” explains Cody Beahm, the company’s office manager. “All of our projects are considered works of art. We specialize in the fine points. Even our molding is cut and assembled to the most stringent specifications.”

beahm-3-300x200Over the years, this extreme attention to detail has also included the addition of under cabinet and other forms of lighting, which according to Cody, could be difficult to both use and install. “We started by using xenon halogen lighting, which was bulky, obtrusive and hot. Then, we switched to LED and always spent way too much time making it fit into our designs. That was until a local hardscaper made us aware of the iluma Under Cabinet Lighting system from i-lighting. It’s not only the easiest lighting we’ve ever used, the company’s owner actually met with us to learn about our business and customize kits that just melded into our work.”

Beahm & Son began working with i-lighting in February 2014 and has since completed more than a dozen jobs with the iluma system, while specifying its inclusion into numerous more. In addition to the custom service delivered by i-lighting’s ownership, Cody was immediately impressed with iluma’s low-voltage design, minimal heat produced by its LED bulbs and the ease-of-installation that takes less than half the time of similar products.

Introduced by i-lighting in 2013, iluma Under Cabinet and Rail Lighting features the company’s proprietary “LED Lighting Simplified” micro-connection technology that simply plugs together to create uplighting and downlighting effects for almost any location in the house and yard. Available with either clear white or warm yellow LEDs and in stock or customized lengths to meet contractor requirements, iluma Under Cabinet Lighting is also designed in 10mm strips that make it ideal for task lighting applications performed on countertops or other work areas and 5 mm strips for placement as accent lighting on toe kicks, shelving, display cases and overhangs.


Another benefit to contractors, builders, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers alike, is i-lighting’s ongoing commitment to meeting customer needs for customized results. For the best outcomes, users need only email or fax their plans to i-lighting and the company will specify the project’s lighting at no additional cost and normally within 48 hours.

“Aside from the shining light, you wouldn’t even know it’s there,” offers Cody. “The iluma Under Cabinet lighting’s sleek design blends right into the carpentry for virtually invisible results with the LEDs using approximately 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and offering years of operation without the need to change bulbs.

“Plus, i-lighting even worked with us to develop pressure sensitive switches and dimmers that our customers absolutely love. I’ve never worked with another company that was so interested in our feedback and helping us achieve success.”

Headquartered in Evans City, Pa., Beahm & Sons Ltd can be reached at 724-538-3300 and/or