Easy Plug TM Installation System

i-lighting’s Easy Plug™ System arrives ready to install in kits with everything included. The contractor or consumer simply has to plug the low voltage DC power supply into a 110 outlet and begin to plug together the Easy Plug™ wiring connections.

All that is needed if installing deck and stair lighting is a power drill, a 7/16th drill bit, and a hammer.

When installing landscape lighting, all that is needed is a shovel or rake to bury and cover the “Easy Plug” wiring.

i-lighting’s Lighting System Consists of Three Main Components:

  1. White railing lit by iluma Under Rail Lighting LED technology saves 80% in energy savings compared to standard incandescent lighting systems and emits 20 times less CO2 into the atmosphere. LED’s creating minimal heat making them safe for children and pets while attracting less insects.
  2. i-lighting’s DC power supplies convert AC to DC current at the 110 outlet and are safe to install with minimum shocking hazards. Line voltage drops are greatly reduced and in most cases permits are not required.
  3. i-lighting’s Easy Plug™ Installation System simply plugs together. No cutting, splicing or wiring nutting required saving 1/2 the installation time of systems utilizing traditional wiring.

Click for an Easy Plug Spec Sheet (PDF)