Outdoor Deck and Stair Lighting

Post Light
Post Light:
Brighten your outdoor gatherings with our easy-to-install Post Light Kit. Each kit comes with everything necessary to complete the job and the Easy Plug™ wiring simply plugs together. Learn more about our Post Lighting Products >>



Outdoor Stair LightingOutdoor Stair Lights: Showcase your outdoor staircases while adding safety! Our unique LED lighting display beautifully illuminates each stair tread for a dramatic effect while providing an added level of safety as you ascend or descend the stairway. The Stair Light Kit contains the LED light assembly, hardware for mounting and the Easy Plug™ T cable to connect the stair lights together… Learn more about our Outdoor Stair Lighting Products >>



White railing lit by iluma Under Rail Lightingiluma™ Under Rail Lighting: The 5mm iluma LED light strip is designed to blend right into the railing, creating an invisible look on most composite, vinyl, aluminum and wood decks. The iluma under rail lighting kit comes with everything needed to light two 4′, 6′ and 8′ railing sections… Learn more about our iluma™ Under Rail Lighting Products >>



enl_deck9Aluminum Rail & Wood Deck Lights: Illuminate a wood deck with lighting’s LED Hidden Wood Deck Lighting Kit. When placed under the rail, i-lighting’s stairlights create a hidden, less conspicuous look. This is the perfect application for new or retrofit wooden decks and hollow aluminum decks. The small 22 gauge wire can easily be hidden in the groove of a 2×4 railing and enables flexibility of light placement… Learn more about our Aluminum Rail & Wood Deck Lighting Products >>


Bullet Lights:
The stainless steel bullet light is IP68 rated making it making it a perfect accent for ponds or pools. The bullet light can also be installed flush into a deck or riser. Installation is fast and easy with the Easy Plug™ T cable… Learn more about our Bullet Lighting Products >>



Outdoor Spiral Staircase with LightingOutdoor Spirals: The Spiral Stairlighting Kit comes READY to INSTALL! Our components make installation EASY, and our kit comes with LED light assemblies, all wiring, powerpack with PhotoEye, track, cover & materials needed to install our LED lights.ADD beauty, safety & security along with an elegant look… Learn more about our Outdoor Spiral Lighting Products >>