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About Our LED Lighting Systems

prod-hp-power-250i-Lighting’s LED lighting system operates on direct current or DC power. With DC power you can safely install i-Lighting’s Easy Plug™ Installation System without the risk of shocking.

i-Lighting also offers a remote dimmer and timer option that is integrated into the power supply.

The Easy Plug™ connector cables and wiring make installation fast and easy.

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Our Power Supplies and Accessories:

   12 Volt DC Power Supply
#DL 510

  • 6′ outdoor rated power cord
  • Photo eye assembly available on a 6′ lead or placed on the side of the power supply box
  • Available in 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150 Watts
Remote Dimmer with Timer Remote Dimmer w/ Timer

The RF remote dimmer and timer option is built into the power supply and gives you the option to dim your deck and stair lights along with the ability to turn their lights off in 2, 4, or 8 hours.

Easy Plug Connector Cables
#EC 5

  • Use extension cables to bridge longer gaps in deck and landscape lights.
  • Available in 15”, 5′, 10′, 25′, and 50′ lengths.
Post Light/Stair Light Link Post Light to Stair Light Link
#DL SL Link

  • Easy Plug “T” harness that extends 5′ in each direction
  • Lead from “T” to connect to the stair harness
Y-Connector Y-Connector
#EC 5 Y 
Three 6″ leads to split Easy PlugTM extension cables in two directions.



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