Manufacturing Services


Production Processes
Whether you need 50 parts or a million parts, i-Lighting Injection Molding has the right production process for you. We work with you to choose the right materials and processes through the entire project’s life cycle. Our customers rely on us for our ability to be a one stop shop for multiple production steps. We offer:

  • Custom Injection Molding
  • Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing
  • Sonic Welding
  • Low Pressure Over Molding
  • Assembly


At i-Lighting Injection Molding, we maintain a rigorous quality standard. We are not afraid to tackle difficult, close-tolerance parts. We are adept at working with companies whose products must go through regulatory processes and customer approvals. We strive to deliver perfect parts every time.

  • We are currently ISO 9000-2008.
  • Can provide lot traceability and testing services
  • Material certifications and inspection records available with shipments
  • Special quality control reporting needs can be accommodated

Engineering and Support Services

The technical knowledge of the staff available to our customers is top notch in the industry.  We work with each customer to ensure every chance at success for their idea or product.  From technical knowledge of resins to ensuring the best machine to manufacture quality parts.  You may have a great drawing of your part but we can ensure it will be a successfully moldable part with such applications as mold flow analysis.

When you call we answer.  We want you to feel confident and ensure all your questions are answered.  We welcome customers to watch their parts being made whenever they are in production even speak with the person making the parts.  We are always available to help you with your project from start to finished product.

Read below for Manufacturing Service details or click to read about Injection Molding Manager, John Gentile.

[tabby title="Inj. Molding"]

Custom Injection Molding

i-Lighting Injection Molding focuses on custom injection molding of thermoplastic parts, especially those requiring value-added post-press operations. Our prices are competitive, customer friendly lead times, and our engineering support, customer service and project management are unsurpassed. We are able to work one on one with our customers. Enabling us to be flexible, offer creative solutions, and have out of the box thinking. We are able to mold parts with a wide range of annual volumes—from tool trials to millions of parts. And we welcome low-volume programs and give them the same attention and service that our higher-volume customers expect. i-Lighting Injection Molding may be new to the scene but we come with 25+ years of molding, machine, manufacturing, and customer service knowledge. We want to be able to give our customers the best experience and products, a major benefit for our customers is to be able to work with engineers to translate their designs ideas into reality. We know you have pressing deadlines, and we work with you to get you great parts on time, every time. We understand the challenges of growing a business and are sensitive to each and every customer. We offer flexible tooling options, both domestic and foreign. We have relationships to be able to provide high-quality production tools in 3-8 weeks at attractive prices. We maintain comprehensive tooling support capability.

We feature:

  • 27 state-of-the-art molding machines
  • 20 to 750 ton presses
  • Sonic welding
  • 3-D printing and rapid prototype molding associate
  • Most used resins of our customers are polypropylene, acrylics, polycarbonates but we always want to choose the best resin to fit your application.
  • Overmolding, and insert molding
  • Tool repair and maintenance facilities
  • Product assembly and fulfillment programs
i-Lighting is widely known for its technological innovation. So we have taken that a step further with offering injection molding, whether it be in developing unique new product or taking an old design and making it new. We want our customers to have a first class injection molding experience. We are here to make our customers look their very best. [tabby title="Machinery"] negri-bossi-eos80Negri-Bossi- EOS 80 This newly designed machine is capable of fast speed and pressure response achieved by the motor and pump assuring perfect pressure control during the injection phase and therefore higher quality of molded products. EOS 80 is equipped with a Smart Energy package to also save energy and reduce noise. The featured two platen clamping unit that offers industry leading tie bar spacing and a very compact footprint. This ensures cleanliness in the molding area due to the absence of lubrication oil making it perfect for bio-medical and pharmaceutical work.   negri-bossi-330-ton   330 Ton Negri-Bossi Injection Molding Machine The Canbio provides high molding accuracy and improved quality of molded parts through its completely digital control. The Canbio 330’s new energy efficient design of its unique smart hydraulic system reduces energy costs as we strive to decrease our environmental footprint. [tabby title="3D Print"] inj-molded-products3 D printing offers the ability for our customers to rapidly and accurately receive prototype designs of their projects. This is extremely helpful in the early planning stages of a project because we are able to see the details that matter before investing in the molds for the injection process. We are able to print with PLA, ABS, Flex, HIPS, PETG material filaments. Our print capacity is 40 cm x 70 cm. If a design is larger than our in house machine then we have affiliations that have more extensive rapid prototyping that can be done quickly. [tabby title="Circuit Boards"]

Circuit Board Manufacturing

Here at i-Lighting we employee a method called Surface Mount Technology or SMT. This is one type of method for producing electronic circuit boards. It is a three step process and it begins with a screen printing of solder paste in the pattern for the parts to be placed on the board. Second step is the placement of the components. The pick and place machine does just that. It picks up the individual components from reels and places them on the board where the solder paste was just printed. When that step is complete and all the parts are on the board are then heated to activate the solder paste and permanently secure the parts to the board. After cooling, the boards are ready for use. If you have a need for circuit boards for your application let us quote on having them manufactured here at our plant. No need to seek overseas assistance we can help you right here. [tabby title="Options"]

Optional Services include:

  • Injection Molding Sonic WelderSonic Welding
    • In ultrasonic welding, high-frequency vibrations generate heat at the interface of the parts to be joined, melting the plastic and creating a strong bond. The technique is fast, efficient, non-contaminating and requires no consumables. It produces a clean weld site with highly uniform joint quality, providing exceptional performance, consistency, and reliability. Easily integrated into automated systems, our equipment can be readily customized to fit exact specifications of welded parts. Ultrasonic welding is well suited for assembling parts with delicate internal electronic components and can be used to insert, stake, stud weld, de gate, or spot weld thermoplastics, and slit or laminate thermoplastic films and fabrics.
  • Low Pressure Overmolding
    • Injection Molding Low Pressure Molding MachineLow pressures molding is a single step process to encapsulate seal and protect electronics. Using a simple mold set allows for the process to use much less material than traditional potting process. It requires no housing. Part numbers or Logos can easily be incorporated into the mold set for added benefits. The process is fast – producing the finished part in seconds. Wire strain relief is a perfect example of how we are utilizing the low pressure over molder for a customer.
  • inj-molding-assemblyAssembly
    • At i-Lighting Injection Molding we have an excellent team of assembly personnel. They are well versed in sonic welding, soldering, low pressure over molding, finish work, packaging. They have experience working with small and complicated configurations. Our staff is also trained in how to handle circuit boards, wiring and riveting.