Manufacturing-John Gentile

inj-molding-john-gentileInjection molding manager, John Gentile, began his career of injection molding over 25 years ago.  Having a natural talent for all things mechanical, John got his start fixing and maintaining injection molding machines.  Those first few years there was a learning curve to understanding all the ins and outs of the different machines he was responsible for but he quickly was able to fix them in his sleep.  Especially when the call came at 3am that a machine was down and the customer needed the parts yesterday.

Just by working with the machines and the operators, processors and all the other people that are behind the scenes of an injection molding plant John learned everything there is to know about the process.  Being as good as he was he was recruited by different companies to work for them.  In all the different areas from R&D for Berry Plastics to Head of Maintenance for True Precision, the thing John enjoys the most is being given a problem and being tasked to solve it.  Whether it was conceive a new and better part or a machine needed his special touch to get it up and running there was a great amount of satisfaction in solving the problem.

Now John has the opportunity to be in the driver seat as he heads up this new molding shop.  This young shop is the perfect setting to aide customers that can benefit from John’s skill set.  New product development, customers that have been struggling with having parts made overseas, clients that need small runs of parts, but made with the same care and quality that every client deserves.

When you get to know John Gentile the Injection Molding Manager here at i-lighting Injection Molding there are some strong traits that can be attributed to his family.  He grew up as the oldest of 3 children and his parents instilled his work ethic early on.  Helping his Dad on weekends and evenings in addition to part time jobs was just what was expected of him.  This continued on after high school with his time in the Navy.  John was always interested and excelled at all things mechanical.  With his inherent talent he was able to write his own ticket with his job in the Navy.  It was his dream to work on fighter jets and that is just what he did.  It was a time that he still looks back on with fond memories.  After the Navy his love of boating began and he took a job working as a boat mechanic.  He was smitten with it and still boats today. The boats have of course grown over the years from a small outboard engine boat to the 40 ft cruiser he has today.  He and his wife enjoy many hobbies together, boating, biking, walking, travel, being in the outdoors.  Other interests include, gun smith, shooting at the range, trains, restoring cars, reading, cooking, spending time with family and friends.

Here at i-lighting Injection Molding we are very fortunate to have John at the helm with his knowledge and skills, guiding and helping this division to grow.