Top 10 Features & Benefits of i-lighting’s LED Lighting

March 11th, 2015

McGuire-image-11. Utilizes LED technology saving 80% in energy savings and generates little heat making them safe for children and pets while attracting less insects.

2. Operates on a DC Power Supply creating minimal line voltage drops and minimal shocking hazard. In most cases permits are not required.

3. The Patented Easy Plug™ Installation System saves 1/2 the installation time of traditional systems and creates minimal failure pints. The system is not polar sensitive making it great for the DIYer.

4. i-lighting’s system is UL approved as a 12 volt DC indoor and outdoor lighting system.

5. Products are manufactured and assembled in North East, MD.

6. i-lighting’s manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified.

7. i-lighting introduced iluma™ (nearly invisible light fixture) for under cabinets, under rail, hardscape walls and outdoor structures.

8. i-lighting strives to offer unsurpassed customer service. Send us your drawings or plans and we’ll create a recommended lighting plan and quote.

9. 24-hour technical support is offered to help with technical and installation questions.

10. A large market shift occurring from incandescent and halogen to LED. i-lighting’s Easy Plug™ System allows you or your contractor to easily incorporate LED lighting into all of your projects.